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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does CounselorStudy charge a subscription fee? 

There is a minimal fee to use the CounselorStudy self-study review site in order to cover the cost of web hosting, domain name, and maintenance of the site. While it would be ideal to offer the site free of charge, it is not free to host or maintain therefore in order to cover this cost there is a minimal subscription based fee.


What if I can't afford the subscription fee? 


If you encounter any issue with the subscription fee, please contact CounselorStudy at to discuss your options. The goal is to help as many counseling students as possible prepare for the NCMHCE and prepare to work in the professional counseling field, please don't let finances stand in your way of becoming a well prepared counselor; instead, let's chat and see what we could come up with together! 


Do I need to use any other study services alongside CounselorStudy?


CounselorStudy does not claim to be the end-all to the preparation and self-study for the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE). There are many other options available online and in-print to assist you with studying. CounselorStudy hopes to serve as a supplement to your study venture and preparation. Please see the Terms and Conditions of to learn more. 


If you have further questions or seek additional information please reach out to CounselorStudy at  

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